Remembrance for 2009 Roma slayings

Candles were lit and a mass was celebrated in Budapest on Tuesday in memory of the Roma father and his son who were murdered two years ago in the central Hungarian village of Tatarszentgyorgy.

27-year-old Robert Csorba and his five-year-old son were killed by gun shots as they were trying to escape their house set ablaze by a petrol bomb. The six-year-old daughter of the family suffered serious injuries.

The murder was part of a series of attacks carried out in central and eastern Hungarian villages from July 2008 to August 2009. The brutal attacks killed six Roma people and seriously injured five others. A total of 78 shots were fired at nine different locations and Molotov cocktails thrown at seven homes.

Four suspects taken into custody in August 2009 awaiting trial, scheduled for this March.

„We should not let Hungary to be split, and people to be killed only because they were born as Roma,“ Agnes Daroczi of the Phralipe Independent Roma Organisation told the commemoration in front of Saint Stephen’s Basilica.

She said that the Tatarszentgyorgy victims had been killed by „neo-Nazi murderers“ and expressed hope that the court trial would clarify who had stood in the background and commissioned the perpetrators.

Stand: 23.02.2011