Anti-Roma demonstration takes place in Duchcov

Some 500 people demonstrated Wednesday in reaction to a Roma attack on a young married couple in mid-May and some of the participants headed for the Roma-inhabited houses, but the police barred their way and the event organisers called on them to disperse.

The police have accused five Roma attackers of causing a heavy bodily harm. The court has not complied with the proposal that they be taken into custody. The demonstration was called by three Duchcov inhabitants under the title Meeting of Dissatisfied Citizens. „We do not know what to expect from various people. I am afraid that there will be no space for discussion Wednesday,“ mayor Jitka Bartova said before the meeting. One hour ahead of the demonstration local Roma also met to pray for the public peace. „It always requires two to brawl,“ an attending priest said.

Several Roma attacked a young married couple in the night of May 18. The police said the attack was preceded by an attempted theft of a bicycle, in which its owner was injured. Afterwards the same assailants attacked the married couple returning from a disco. They kicked them and beat with fists.

Source: Prague Daily Monitor
Date: 29.05.2013