Largest Roma camp dismantled in Marseille

After dawn, local police forces dismantled the largest Roma camp of the City of Marseille (Around 453 people). In fact, the last Gypsies families left the camp yesterday night. The bulldozers wrecked their shelters made of plywoods, tyres and cartons

Wedged between brand new residential buildings and the railway, the wasteland of Capelette hosts despite herself a Roma camp, the largest of the city. The first Roma families settled here there almost two years ago. The tents have gradually given way to shelters in the style of the worst slums that we used to see in developing countries. However here we are in Marseille, France’s second city, and right next to the new roofed football stadium. The contrast is striking.

Cohabitation with the neighborhood does not come without problems and complaints to the police are deposited as clashes with Roma are numerous. They are accused of damage, theft, insults. The land on which they sat is a private land owner without action the Police cannot act. Roma families are living is disastrous health conditions, and NGO are calling for a solution outside of this slum.

It is only on the 31st of July, 2013 that the Court ordered the eviction of some 300 families who occupied the wasteland and few hours after dawn on the 21st of October 2013, several bulldozers came to destroy the huts deserted by their occupants the day before.

There are about 1,500 people from Romani origin in Marseille.

Source and pictures: Demotix
Date: 21.10.2013