A Hungarian newspaper compares the Roma with animal

Because of an offense towards the Romas in an Hungarian daily newspaper „Magyar hirlap„ , paid a fine of 850 Euros. The author of the column, otherwise one of the founders of the Governing Party Fides, in the text uses hate speech, announced the Hungarian council. The journalist and friend of the Hungarian prime minister compared the Roma with animals. The fine of 850 Euros is given because the author of the column Zolt Bajer broke the journalist rules. He wrote an article at a celebration in a bar, where he had a conflict, the individual attackers were identified as Roma, and Bajer wrote „The Roma are like animals and they act as if they were animals„. „A large number of Roma are not able to coexist. They are not able to live among people„ wrote Bajer which is close with conservative Government. Bajer was giving similar comments about the Romani community, and that is why the newspaper Magyar hirlap was criticized many times.

Source: Roma Times
Date: 07.06.2016